Elizabeth Arden - Macy's Herald Square, NY / Burdines, FL

Develop a fresh new face for Elizabeth Arden.

Retail Solution:
A modern, sleek environment with strong brand emphasis and increased customer accessibility.

Interactive Playstation and testers.
Brightly lit feature areas with seating.
Curved case lines creating walk-through, customer flow.

Avon Salon and Spa - Trump Tower, New York

Turn the Avon catalogue into a retail store.

Retail Solution:
A luxurious showcase featuring catalogue items with hands-on self-service features and beauty consultant testing areas.

Clean architectural elements with focus on product choices.
Eye-catching lighting and graphics designating product categories.
Stock keeping and cash wrap areas accessible but subtly situated to maintain merchandise emphasis.

Henri Bendel Intimate Apparel - 5th Avenue, New York

Make them say “WOW!” when the elevator door opens to Henri Bendel’s third floor.

Retail Solution:
Multi-level theatrical stage-type presentation focuses customer attention as the lead-in to the intimate apparel shop.

Constructed massive acrylic cubes to house life-size mannequins.
Incorporated Bendel’s trademark brown logo stripe to emphasize the brand.
Engineered sizes and shapes for constructional integrity.

NYC Color End Cap Display for CVS and Rite Aid

Create a stand-out display for NYC Color from the mass of cosmetic lines in Rite Aid and CVS Pharmacy.

Retail Solution:
Devised a stand-alone display unit with strong brand identification, distinguishing NYC Color from all other brands.

Added unique dimensional injection-molded brand identifier and graphics.
Developed multiple tray components with self-feed elements to enhance standard peg hook displays.
Engineered stock capacity for maximum ROI.

Victoria Secret Beauty Color Cosmetics Tester Table

Create a full-line cosmetic display area with testing capability and seasonal product features in minimal space for Victoria’s Secret.

Retail Solution:
Multi-functional table area with sections for color array, product testing, accessories and promotions – maximum function ≈ minimum space.

Planogram layouts engineered into tier set up for full-color lip, nail, eye, foundation, accessory and featured product areas on one tabletop display.
Strategically placed testing areas allowing for shopping ease.
Versatile newness tray units that allow for seasonal product changes and features.

Pout Playstation and Promotional “Cigar Girl” Tray

Re-engineer a dramatic yet cost-efficient cosmetic display unit to introduce the UK Pout brand to the US market.

Retail Solution:
Sexy, “reach out and touch me” color display using tassels and velvet in the style of the brand.

Sourced a cost-efficient look alike to duplicate the more expensive original material for Playstation construction.
Developed planogram and re-engineered original unit to fit on an existing table base.
Added mirrors and graphic headers, tester areas, promotional tray and seating to enhance visual presentation.

Saks Project Impact System

Show what a full store environment can look like without the cost of building expensive prototype fixtures.

Retail Solution:
Real-life design choices with minimum investment.

Developed hand sketches of potential designs for review with client criteria.
Refined concept with computerized line drawings and product and image mapping.
Presented store environment as CAD full-color renderings with 3D fly-through capability.

Limited Stores Luxe Table Display

Construct a luxury table display for The Limited Stores to feature special collections.

Retail Solution:
An upscale designer-style luxurious presentation drawing attention to the premium product offer.

Utilized 4” and 2” thick clear acrylic fabrication to create a sophisticated table design that focuses attention on product while enhancing the store environment.
Seamlite construction technique eliminated the use of distracting hardware.
Leg positioning engineered to withstand weight and provide stability.

Express Lighted Holiday Display

Engineer a dramatic front entry way Holiday Message for Express.

Retail Solution:
Twinkling Holiday greeting display that you can’t miss at the front door.

Vivid large-scale acrylic box with dazzling light display and Holiday screened graphic.
Engineered and tested for stability and electrical.
Developed special packing cartons and instructions for ease of in-store set up as well as shipping.

Aura Science Prototype Store

Design an eye-catching front door color cosmetic display for Shiseido Aura Science venture.

Retail Solution:
A vivid array of color set in an open and clean environment against a white backdrop.

Created a dramatic display emphasizing the wide variety of color product choices using curves and shapes that also re-enforced the brand image and packaging.
Developed a template system to accommodate color changes and product additions.
Developed sanitary system and tester areas to minimize cleaning in the white pure store environment.

Henri Bendel and The Limited Stores Gift Displays

Present gifts in unique ways that support the brand image and feature the product.

Retail Solution:
Customized novel displays tied into brand and product themes, and store ambiance.

Pedestal presentation for The Limited gift cards with silk screened sign message on base and tiered product rack.
Henri Bendel gazebo room display with acrylic stands to feature product and accessible storage in base.
Limited Stores Holiday Christmas tree display stand in colors coordinated to the product fashion theme and total store presentation.

Vincent Longo Black Acrylic Display for Ulta Stores

Create a flexible and distinctive promotional unit for use in Ulta stores, conveying brand identity while fitting into the Ulta store environment.

Retail Solution:
A flexible unit that can be used as a one- or two-piece presentation on endcaps.

Sleek and sexy gloss black acrylic with red tint mylar to reflect light and claim attention.
Mirrored testing area with convenient access to inventory.
Easily updated feature templates.

Shiseido Salon-Style Display for Bloomingdale's

Create an efficient yet dramatic skincare and color tester display for Shiseido in Bloomingdale's, NY.

Retail Solution:
Upscale minimalistic Japanese salon design style creating impactful focus on the product.

Tiered testing units maximizing space limitations while featuring extensive product options.
Functional circular play area that services multiple customers.
Template merchandising system to accommodate seasonal product changes and updates.

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